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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Back to Back Shark Safari's Certainly lived up to their expectations.

What an awesome time our divers had on our Shark Safari's. We had such a demand for the trip, that we had to put on two Liveaboards, back to back. 

Week One
The first was scheduled for the first week in July on MY Marsella Star. 

Some of the divers on the first boat have previously attended the Clowns and the Pirates weeks, so this time decided to make a theme of 60's flower power, as you can see from some of the photos.

The highlight of the evenings was the 60's night when almost everyone was dressed up in flower power style clothes and also wore the same clothes to dive in on the last day of the safari. The boats next to us were mesmerised when they saw the attire of our divers as they entered the water.

The main highlight of the trip though had to be the amount of sharks we saw, up close and personal.

The schooling Hammerheads were a sight to behold, but I think most people were impressed with the close attention of some Oceanic White tip sharks.

Big Brother as we depart for Little Brother. Photo - Derek Hannam

The Three Stooges discussing who's getting the short straw of which group of divers!!!

Anemone Reef on Daedalus. Photo - Brian Howells. Good Photo skills. Wall dive. Photo - Ceri Ann

The Old French Lighthouse on Deadalus. Photo - Ceri Ann.

Alun trying to count the Hammerheads. Photo - Lene.                

They say two heads are better than one. Perhaps not in this case, although Brian pointed out there are three heads in this shot!! Photo - Lene.

Two refined ladies in pink, taking lunch (One not as refined as the other). Only just noticed the naked man in  the corner. His wife will be disgusted with him turning up in the dining room with no shirt on. Good job she wasn't there. Photo - Lene.

One of the very close encounters with a Oceanic White Tip. Photo - Neville.

This Oceanic was the one that was getting a bit distressed when the Barracuda and Tuna were feeding off his pilot fish. Photo - Neville.

One of the culprit Barracuda. Photo -Aedin

After the Shark Awareness Course on the boat, our divers could tell if this was a male or female by the claspers behind the pelvic fins. However, at the time, most divers kept their eyes fixed on it's mouth!!!! Photo - Neville Turner.

I hate to be the one who tells you guys. Buttercup is a Bloke Shark!

Dave Thomas (AKA Little Dave) said: Undoubtedly the Big Shark Dives were the highlight of the trip. I’ll never forget the sense of awe the first time a school of 30 or so Hammerheads circled up from the depths to check out our dive group. My diver friends are properly jealous I had that experience, and my non-diving
friends are amazed I was in the water with sharks like that and came out with all my limbs intact – I’ve definitely been spreading the shark awareness by telling them it’s not as terrifying as they think! (although frankly, I was pretty scared the first time!)  A big tick for my bucket list! 

Neville said: "Best moments were with 4 oceanics all around and when one bumped into my camera,even better still is when Nick stopped snoring".

We saw Sharks
and Hammerhed Sharks
and we all look good in our tour shirts!!!

Gary Beck said
"We all met up in Gatwick airport wearing our pink Elite Shark tours Polo shirts. I thought we looked "STUNNING", but there was a few moans from some of the blokes.

After an uneventful flight into Hurghada, G was at the airport waiting for us. Without any trouble at all, we all got on the BIG coach and headed off to our home for the next 7 days the Marsella Star. What a fabulous vessel she was.

Sunday we sailed for a couple of shallow check dives, and then overnight, headed towards The Brothers. Now our guides Alun, G and Khalil didn't promise that we would see sharks but they said they would try, and boy did they succeed. We saw Threshers and Grey Reef sharks on Monday then we sailed to Daedalus reef overnight for Tuesday and Wednesday. Oh my, what a dive site that is. Hammerhead,Oceanic White tips to order. Due to bad weather we had to cancel Elphinstone but Our guide Kallile knew exactly where to go next. Stunning diving, thanks Elite and all my fellow dive buddies for an absolute stunning week diving, not to forget the flower power dive and party."

Week Two

The second week was on MY Carlton Queen. A safari boat based in Sharm but has a license to roam Egyptian Red Sea.

We boarded the Boat in Hurghada on the 2nd week of July and headed South for the brothers, stopping for some orientation dives on the way to check our weights and kit.

We thought it maybe an anti climax after seeing so many sharks on week one but wasn't we wrong! In fact we had more Threshers, grey reefs and Oceanics on Brothers than we did the week before and Daedalus was equally as good.

Warren and G doing Robbie Williams. "Let Me Entertain You"........... They certainly did!!!!!

Love Blossomed.

 Daedalus Lighthouse
 Dolphins joined the end of the dive

 Goat fish on the orientation dive
Grey Reef shark in there somewhere

 Guess what we just saw?
Hammerhead coming straight for Warren

 Phew!!! It turned.

                                                              Khalil on Kareoke

 A Wreck. NO! Not Shaun.....well, yes him as well.

Claire Said:
"Having never been on a liveaboard before, I am so pleased I chose Elite to be my first! Elite, the boat crew and all our fellow divers were amazing in making our holiday a fantastic experience.  We couldn’t have asked for a better team of people.  The food was absolutely outstanding and plentiful, where do they keep it all for an entire week? Maybe more ketchup next time. 😉
A Shark Safari wasn’t initially my idea of fun, but after the very first dive, I was hooked!  The buzz amongst the dive team meant there was never a dull moment on the boat.  I was surprised by the amount of chill out time we got, it was great to stare at all the stars and milky way of an evening, not a site you see regularly!
Never a moment when anyone was loss for words, we all clicked and got on well.
Lifelong diving companions made, we hope to see them again under the sea."

Warren said:
"Karaoke with a cuddly shark (and Gwyn!) Scaring the remainder of the liveaboards away for the evening.
Everyone’s individual Karaoke songs, from Tony Idle to John Farley.
Hammer on penultimate dive at 8 meters swimming directly at me, what a photo!
“Is there a table for that?” A BSAC piss take comment from Shaun, heard endlessly from day 1!
V being Alun’s latin translator and demonstration girl during the Shark Awareness course.
Matt vs Andrej Stella competition – who can hide the most?
Sleeping under the stars in our personal open air room"😊

Hope to see you all soon!

Lots of love

Claire and Warren

p.s Warren says Flag, Beer Cooler (with Mumtaz gauge) Don’t forget!!! Happy to test the product/demo!

There was a little complaint on the first week that there wasn't enough chips served at lunch or dinner. That wasn't the case on the second safari. The Brits love their chips!!!! Don't they Gary Beck? a photo of said chips was posted on FB to show the divers who had missed them the week previously.

Harriet said: This was my second July liveaboard  in the Red Sea, having gone the year before, and being blown away by what we had seen, particularly at Daedalus. So I did not think it was possible for it to live up to that. However, Daedalus did not disappoint. The (almost too) close encounter with an Oceanic White Tip was definitely the highlight. And to do it all with great company and the Elite Crew made it even better.
Dancing with a Whitetip Oceanic. 

A Cuddly Shark!!

 Shisha Shark. Shark Shisha. Ha Ha. Just like that!!!

Shopping Trolley

Where do you lot think you're going?

Chillout Time
Big and Little Brothers.


Harry and G share the same Birthday. What a night that was. Many Hammerheads in the day and John, Harry's Dad, sang on the Karaoke in the evening, and he never sings............. So he says!!!!!!!

Khalil the performer (as if Warren wasn't). LOL
Warren and G perform an enactment of Bohemian Rhapsody. It looked as if they had rehearsed it for months!

 Photo by Khalil
We had many Threshers spotted on Brothers and even one off Daedalus. Photo by Khalil. 
School al Hammerheads. Photo by Khalil.

The final night!!!

Photos provided by Warren, Mat, Bronwyn and Khalil.

Don't forget we are still open all year round in Sharm El Sheikh and the elite team await your visit here to go diving with you.

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