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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Elite Certifies it's Oldest Open Water student of 77 years Old.

 This week saw Elite Diving play host to three generations of the Lindsay family from Scotland, who completed their open water course and then continued to consolidate what they had learned by booking an additional 2 days diving with elite.

There were challenges throughout the course all of which were overcome and the course was successfully completed, with Bill being the oldest Open Water student that Karen or elite diving have certified to date. They were joined by three very large Napoleon Wrasse on their last dive at Sharks Bay

When asked what they liked best about learning to dive, they all concurred that it was a huge sense of achievement and that being under the sea was awesome, being so close to all the wonderful fish and coral.

The youngest member, William aged 12, plays rugby and also partakes in Karate, swimming and football, so already is very active young man. He is also a keen singer and has twice auditioned for the Scottish Schoolboys Choir. 

Dad, Brian, aged mmm 50ish, is a mechanical engineer at a power plant, and likens himself to Homer Simpson!

Mum Cate, a former prison officer also works at a power plant as a plant Operator. They have both played Ice Hockey, which was how they met, and are keen cyclists and triathletes. 

The patriarch of the family is Bill, aged 77, a retired Engineer who also worked for the coal board and partook in mine rescue. Bill grew up in Kelty in Scotland and was a keen Olympic Standard Gymnast, partaking in events for the Scottish National Team at both Junior and Senior levels. He demonstrated some of his skills at the beach by partaking in pull ups and swinging form a high bar. He still goes to the gym twice a week and does headstands and handstands to keep his hand in. He also cycles and hill walks.

The Lindsay family enjoyed two days diving after they completed their open water course and can be seen above, looking in amazement at "The Phallic Coral Tower of Temple".

This holiday has been almost year in the planning. It started when Cate and Brian decided to plan a visit to Australia so Bill could visit family there. Cate decided that if she was traveling that far then she was going to tick an item off the bucket list and dive the Great Barrier Reef while the family was catching up. However Brian and William had other ideas and decided they also wanted to dive, not wanting to be left out Bill also jumped on the bandwagon. Bill has always been interested in the underwater world and is friends with Doug Allan, a wildlife cameraman best known for his work in the Arctic and underwater. Family commitments and life in general have prevented the family from learning to dive previously, but it’s always been something in the back of their minds that they would like to do.

The Lindsay Family enjoy a celebratory "we dram" with their Instructor Karen at Ras Stella.

The family completed the E Learning Open Water theory and traveled to Sharm El Sheikh for the practical elements of Confined Water and Open Water Dives. Their Instructor was our Karen, who has built up a reputation of being very caring and patient with her Open Water students, some say she’s very motherly! 

We at Elite wish them well on their travels to Australia next Easter, and look forward to seeing Cate and Brian back in Sharm in February for their Advanced Open Water Course.
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