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Monday, June 23, 2014

Free Wreck Diving Course On week Wreck Safari.

A special offer of a free wreck diver specialty conducted by our very own award winning Instructor 'Mr Alun' when you book on our wreck safari commencing October 4th 2014 from Sharm El Sheikh With "elite diving"

We hope to dive on the Rosalie Muller and you need a Wreck specialty to do this. With our free offer available on the safari, this will be possible for everyone with PADI Advanced, BSAC Sport Diver or equivalent.

You will need to purchase a Wreck Specialty manual and PADI certificate which is 50 euro form our dive center at resort.

The Safari boat will be available to board at 7.30 pm on Saturday 4th October 2014 in time for Dinner and we will disembark after breakfast on 8.00 am the following Saturday 11th October 2014, giving us 7 nights full board with en-suite twin cabins. The price of the safari is £700 per person sharing a twin berth. You will need to book your own flights. 

The timing of this trip will allow us to dive on the anniversary of the sinking of Thistlegorm and and the next day the anniversary of the sinking of Rosalie Muller.

With the wreck graveyard of Abu Nuhas also in the vicinity, this gives us chance to explore further wrecks which have come to grief on reefs in the clear blue water of the Red Sea.
See below photos of the facilities on the boat we will be using.

To finish the week off, we hope  have an early morning dive to find some Hammerheads. In October 2012, we encountered a school of 50 plus hammerheads so fingers crossed.

 Check out details of the possible wreck sites on the following link.


The trip will be booked on a first come first served basis. We already have 12 places booked with only another 8 places still available.

Contact to reserve your place. Don't be disappointed. Get booking now!
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Sunday, June 1, 2014

They Called it Clowns Week. They certainly were!

It all started last year when three divers got together and decided to have a bit of extra fun on their dive holiday. Ian, Sarah and Cindy. 

Cindy also know as Cinders, who you may have seen at the dive shows as she's one of the regular staff on our stand. Sarah covered for an absentee on the stand earlier this year at LIDS and Ian also know as Ianto has been diving with us since we started. 

The three all met while diving with us in Sharm, when they struck up a friendship with each other, and tend to all come back at the same time to dive together. 

Last year, they decided to have a few theme days which I think is very sporting of Ianto due to his senior years, although he looks and keeps well for a man about to turn 60.

The themes were Super Hero Thursday and Tutu Tuesday.

Cinders had plans of topping that this year and went about to gather a posse.

Cinders kept in touch with most of the people she had met while diving with elite in Sharm over the years, and put out a call to see if anyone wanted to join her on her dive holiday during May 2014.

The posse wasn't long gathering momentum and it was decided to have a clowns theme for at least one of the days.

It was hilarious. The sight of colourful clowns walking around the boat all day was a scream!

The clowns even donned diving equipment and dived in full clowns outfit

Although it was a great laugh, the briefing had to be taken serious. The guide, who was also dressed up as a clown, found it difficult to keep a straight face. He managed to get the points over and then the hilarity started in earnest.

During the dive, a lone dolphin joined us. It seemed to be mocking the clowns as he swam past. It came back to look at the group of clowns time and time again, as if it couldn't believe it's eyes!

 Host Clowns - Alun& Moyra

 Still Clowning around at Ras Stella
Can anybody name the one in the Gimp suite? 

Anyone remember the ministry of funny walks?

A group photo wasn't too difficult to organise underwater. One signal form the guide and the clowns just gathered round.

The most colourful guide in the Red Sea.

Ciders and Moyra posing for the camera.


Apres diving at Ras Stella. Still in full Clown regalia

Although not dressed as a clown, Princess Diva turned up with Tiara and joined in the fun.

A bunch of Clowns

Cinders - Chief Clown

Clowns getting ready to jump off the boat.

Clowns by name, Clowns by nature!!!

Next years theme apparently is Pirates. Aarrr Jim Lad!!!!!!
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