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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Photography Winner When Diving in Sharm El sheikh

Here is the winner of the photographic Duel between Mark and Neville, during their recent holiday when Diving in Sharm El Sheikh . The octopus took 43% of the total votes from our facebook readers, and although we asked just to leave the number of your choice, some people couldn't resist to make a few comments, some of which made it a bit more difficult to count the votes but very interesting to read which made up for it.

Yes we knew there was a fin in the background, but as this was the fin of the other competitor, and we wouldn't allow any enhancement through light room or photo shop, we just disregarded the fin. We did tease him that it looked like sabotage.

Christine Elliott made a comment which sums it all up. "No 6 dose it for me". Beauty's in the eye of the beholder isn't that right Chris?

So the prize of a free Night dive goes to Mark Harries. He'll collect his prize when he visits us again in June this year.

In 2nd place came the Turtle on the night dive, and although it was slightly out of focus, it still received 22% of the votes. It sounds as if turtles are very popular creatures with our divers. Again this was one of Mark Harris' photos.

In 3rd place came an iconic image from inside the hold of SS Thistlegorm, one of Neville's. This is one of the favorite dives for many people, again reiterated by the comments on facebook.

Two special prizes of a bottle of Sakara goes to Glen Hewlett and Richard Jones for their good judge of such an interesting subject. Photo N0 4 only had one vote and one constructive comment. The photo of the Gray Hair'd diver was in the judge's eyes the far most interesting subject!!! ;-)

Although the judges decision is final, he still went will the general trend of the voters.

Keep up the good work Guys.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Photography Duel while Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

We have two mates who come diving in Sharm El Sheikh regularly. They are both keen photographers and very competitive with their photographic abilities. Mark and Neville are having a contest for the best photo of their holiday adjudicated by Mr Alun. Let the best man win (or whoever buys the most beer).

Here are the entries. We want as many people as we can to vote on the photos to help Mr Alun decide the winner. 

The photos are numbered One to Six, so if you think number four is the best, just post 4 on a comment on our facebook page that led you to this page. No need to give us your second choice. Just choose one.

1. Yellow Boxfish
2. Turtle on NIght Dive.
3. Truck on Thistlegorm
4. Grey haired Diver and Anemone
5. Crown of Thorns Starfish.
6. Octopus.






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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nigel Wade of Diver Magazine Visits Elite Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

We at Elite Diving, had the pleasure of  Nigel Wade dive with us for a week early March 2014.
Nigel is the Technical Editor of Diver Magazine and also one of their highly acclaimed freelance underwater photographers. Seen above on the left with Mr Alun.

While in Sharm, Nigel wanted to review some equipment. Mainly a Aqua Lung Ladies mask (which he asked one of Elite's regular divers to review for him and also model the mask), a set of regulators and a wet suit. Look out in Diver Magazine for the article.

While here, Nigel offered his skills free of charge to photograph our staff and some guests. 

"FREE!?" We made him say it twice just in case we misheard. 

"Yes Free" he said. 

Well, we put him straight to work and cracked the whip to get the most out of him. He loved it. For a guy who has been diving for almost 30 years and also working as an instructor, professional underwater photographer and diving journalist, he still has a massive appetite and enthusiasm for diving.

Nigel is a retired fireman and still talks so fondly of his crew and station. He obviously liked the team spirit of his previous profession, and that's why we think he enjoyed diving with Elite so much when he saw the team spirit we have here, and the way we include our divers as part of the team, dishing out friendly banter most of the day. Some people call it "Boat Banter". We like to call it free abuse. Compliments are extra by the way!

Karen Bruce. A very popular Instructor who has been apart of the Elite Diving team for almost three years. 

Karen guides and teaches PADI, BSAC and soon SSI diving courses.

On his last day, Nigel took some photos of Karen teaching an open water course. Again we wait eagerly for the end results.

In this blog, you'll find a few photos that Nigel took, but most haven't been sent to us yet. We wait with bated breath. The brief preview he gave us from his camera was breathtaking. Watch this space.

Nigel and Mr Alun went on a technical, dive. This photo shows Nigel's sense of humor. When following Alun on a Decompression stop, he decided to take this photo. Not sure why, perhaps he has a thing about male backsides! As you can see, it's copy righted, so obviously, Nigel thinks this photo is worth some money or he's just very fond of  Mr Alun's backside!

Nigel's main priority was to take some photos of equipment being worn and used in the equipment tests and also he was always on the lookout for that special shot that would hit the front cover of Diver Magazine.

We know the photos are going to turn out far more professional than the snaps we took of Nigel working.

Nigel was a self taught photographer, but was under the wing of the legendary John Bantin for many years. It's said that John was grooming Nigel to take over from him. Nigel has stepped into John Bantin's shoes admirably when John retired mid 2013 and is a tremendous ambassador for Diver Magazine.

Nigel here taking a photo of Mark and Sarah Valentine, just for them to keep as a memento. Mark had just passed his open water course last week and here he had just completed his advanced course. Sarah had completed her Open water and advanced on previous trips and was just enjoying the diving when Nigel asked her to model and review the lady's mask for him. They won't know how lucky they are to get such good quality photos for "FREE"! (I still can't believe it!)

Nigel insisted he dived one last time so he could capture Alun and Moyra together with himself in a "Selfie".

Just before Nigel was getting picked up for the airport on his homeward journey back to the UK, he couldn't resist taking photos of the different awards that Elite has won over the last few years.

Good luck on your future travels Nigel. We loved having you dive with us.

Look out for the photos in Diver Magazine folks.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Manta Rays in Sharm 2014

Divers just off their open water course while on their safety stop, come face to face with a manta in Sharm on 5th March 2014.

We have heard of others spotting manta also recently, so it looks as if they are here earlier as usual although we also had an encounter on December 27th.

Divers who were already on the boat after the third dive of the day also witnessed two manta pass the boat close to the surface at the same time.

Fingers crossed for more encounters hey Cindy?

We've also heard of a sighting of a whale shark in Ras Mohamed where we saw one this time last year. Let's hope we can have some bumper sightings over the next few months.

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