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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

From Down Under gets Well Over

Dr Ashley Hankinson from Bay of Islands, New Zealand, has been diving for many years. He says it’s a bit more relaxed where he’s from and has dived without any diving qualification for many years. He had dived at Bay of Islands, North Cape New Zealand, Tahiti, Canada and in the Mediterranean.

He decided he had better get trained professionally and decided to enrol on a PADI Open Water course. Also he knows that if he wanted to dive other locations, he wouldn’t be able to without the correct diving license.

He already had the dive bug during his days diving without a qualification, but he then became addicted to gaining further diving experience and knowledge.

Being a doctor of drug discovery and development, his intellect was able to soak up the new diving information like a sponge. We have nick named him “Johnny 5’ after the robot in the film Short Circuit. Johnny 5 just couldn’t be satisfied unless he was receiving input (information)!

Ashley is quite used to being around the water and boats as he runs “Paradise Fishing New Zealand Ltd” in his spare time as a hobby.

In 7 days, Ashley had been certified in the following.

1. PADI Open Water. (Completed the theory on line before coming to resort)

2. Advanced Open Water.

3. Boat Specialty.

4. Drift Specialty.

5. Nitrox Specialty. (Completed the theory on line before coming to resort).

6. Deep Specialty.

7. Underwater Digital Photography.

On average that’s a certification per day as he had 7 days diving with us. For the deep boat and drift, the dives he had completed during his advanced were credited to the specialties allowing him the time to get the courses completed.

Johnny 5 came back in September to complete his rescue and then progress onto Technical diving. He returns in December to continue his technical diving courses.

Here are some of the photos he took on his digital underwater photography course, using an underwater camera for the first time.

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