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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bobby Charlton gets what he wants with Elite Diving in Sharm EL Sheikh

Rob Charlton from Newcastle (AKA Bobby), who is an actual cousin of the famous footballing brothers, dives with Elite diving regularly. He has visited us in Sharm 8 times over the last three years. You can see from the photo that Rob resembles Jackie Charlton more than his name sake Bobby.
This time he asked to see sharks. Sharks he got. Those who have dived with us this Summer will know that we can regularly see a few white tip reef sharks late in the afternoon. We have an 80% success rate and we came across three white tip reef sharks in the usual place.

The smallest of the three waited until we were fairly close before it moved away.

With a keen eye you can spot three white tip sharks in this photo.

The obvious one lying on the sand. Another just left of centre and a third just above and to the left, blending in with the coral.

The smallest finally swam away. They'll be back!

To book your shark spotting dives with us look at our dive packs on

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