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Monday, July 11, 2011

1000 Logged Dives.

Phil Richards, started his first diving course back in 1991. He has since enjoyed every dive he has done.

He conscientiously logs his dives almost as soon as he exits the water, and on his last trip to Sharm in July 2011, he logged his 1000 dive.

Phil Richards. Preparing for his 1000th dive.

As this was a special occasion, Moyra "The Boss" even took time out of the office to accompany Phil on his milestone dive, and present him with a certificate to commemorate his achievement while on the dive itself.

Moyra, Phil and Mike.

As Phill had loged many of his dives with Elite diving, he was also presented with a gift from Elite during a presentation ceremony on the boat on the way back to the Jetty. His gift was a book written and signed by John Kean, S.S. Thistlegorm. Phil has dived Thistegorm many times on his Sharm visits with Elite Diving. If fact, he had dived the wreck just a few days before on his 992th dive.

Phil is a BSAC Instructor with his branch back in the UK. He is an unassuming person, and a very safety conscious diver. He is more than happy to pass on his experience and knowledge if asked.

He first dived in Sharm in April 1993 when he came to Sharm with his dive club. Also from his club and on the same trip, were the founders of Elite Diving Alun and Moyra. They have been close friends ever since, and Phil and his long suffering diving widow wife Kath, returns annually to enjoy the world class diving that Sharm has to offer, and diving with Alun and Moyra.

Phil evidently enjoys the teasing and banter he receives (totally free of charge) when on the boat and on the Apres’ diving evenings.

Many of his trips to Sharm he has dived with his long standing diving buddy, Mike Clarkson. They both sit together after their dive and to fill in their accounts of the dive they just did together. In Fact Mike is well into 800 logged dives, so is also looking forward to achieving his 1000th in the near future.

If you have dived with Elite before, you may have come across these characters. They have been nicknamed by Elite staff “The Muppets”. In fact, their individually called Waldorf and Stadler after the two cronies on The Muppet Show, who are always heckling from their booth. They even had a T-shirts made, which featured the infamous heckling characters. It’s never a dull moment on an elite diving boat!!!

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