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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free week hotel and diving in Sharm El Sheikh for Sally and Partner

Sally was our winner of a competition in DIVE 09 at Birmingham last October. She used her free holiday and diving option to co-incide with a trip she was planning, which was a three month tour of Egypt.
Sally is a very accomplished diver and fitted in well with our more experienced guests.
She had a very good weeks diving with manta and whale shark sittings.

Sally being checked over by her partner Adrian who had just completed his open water while on their 3 month tour. Both Sally and Adrian enjoyed their stay at Coral Hills Resort, saying that it is the nicest places they've stayed so far on their holiday.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Disabled diving in Sharm El Sheikh

We were very pleased to welcome Mike James back to Sharm. Mike had dived with us in December 2009 and impressed us with his diving ability.

Mike lost a leg in a motorbike accident back in 1991. It wasn't until after the accident that he took up SCUBA.
He is now an accomplished diver and tackles almost anything.

Mike is a very proud man, and although he takes some help due to his disability, prefers to do as much as he can on his own steam. He even climbs up the ladder of the boat all on his own after taking his SCUBA kit and weights off in the water.
He has a wicked sense of humor, and often crack jokes about his situation. Such as getting 50% off when purchasing a pair of fins!!!!
Yet another disabled diver that we are proud to have dive with us in Sharm El Sheikh.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Elite Diving in Truck Lagoon

If your a fan of wreck diving. Truck Lagoon must be on your wish list of dive destintions to visit.

In April 2010, Staff and regular guest of Elite diving went to the Elite destination in the pasific ocean, to make a dream come true.

Truck Lagoon is in a very remote part of the world. It took three days travelling to arrive at our final destination.

Here you can see one of our divers trying out a gas mask for size. Also a memorial to the people who lost their lives during the attacks and sinking on the deck of Fujikawa Maru.

There are also airoplanes that were shot down. Many ships still have their telegraphs in place.

The region is surounded by tropical islands. The marine growth on the shallower wrecks is abundant,

Some wrecks lie in 60 meters and more to the sea bed. These needed technical gear to get some bottom time on them. Above, divers excelorating their decompression time by using 80% nitrox

Left: Another telegraph in a wheel house. Right: A Japanise field tank on the deck of Sanfransisco Maru.

Many of the wrecks have large guns on their bow and stern and another field tank.

A grim reminder that there were many lives lost on these casualties of world war 2.
We hope to run another trip in 2012. The approximate cost of the trip is £3100. Anyone wanting to express an interest in this trip or our Big Shark Tour to South Africa in February 2011, please contact
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Group Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Some very nice divers from Northumberland

Joyce and Bob Cox were a very popular couple on their recent dive trip to Sharm El Sheikh.
Bob is very happy to tell everyone he's a Toy boy!


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