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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Manta Ray on Christmas Eve Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

A Close encounter with a Manta Ray while diving in Sharm El Sheikh

After mooring up to eat lunch, Kevin Hawke noticed a fin that kept breaking the water. Of course the first shout that went up was “Shark” (not from Kevin of course as he is a veteran diver who completed his 400 dive on a previous dive and knows how a sharks fin cuts the water).
It was a manta ray. Not very rare these days in Sharm, well in the summer months anyway. Today was 24th December. Christmas Eve.
The water still a comfortable 24 Deg C.
The manta stayed in the same area for over two hours while we were there, feeding on the surface. So was a school of milk fish that also surface feed.
It appears there is a back wash in that area where the plankton gathers so we’ll be paying another visit the next time we pass with fingers crossed of course.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Chance to enter Photo Competition when on a diving holiday in Sharm El Sheikh Dive Center

We know there are some of you who have dived with us this year and still haven't sent your entries. We have seen potential winners when gusets have showed us their pictures but we think some are a little nervous to send them in.
Get your entries in by 31st December 2009. 5 entries per person per dive holiday with us in Sharm El Sheikh
You have to be in it to win it.
Book next years dive trip early and have somethng to look forward to.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Diving enthusiasts in Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea

Paul and Rachel are certainly diving enthusiasts. In November 09 they had a three week holiday in Sharm El Sheikh and booked 12 days diving, but as they were here for 21 days and enjoying their diving so so much they booked another 5 days.
They completed their open water with elite diving in 2008 and the dive bug certainly bit. Especially in the Red Sea

On their recent visit, they planned their diving so that they'd complete their 100th dive while diving on the famous Thistlegorm. They loved the Thistlegorm so so much, they did it 3 different days on it during their 3 weeks.
It was a pleasure watching them develop into very competent divers, getting as one with the the water during their stay.

They completed 55 dives during this trip which included a deep speciality course, 6 dives on the Thistlegorm, 2 dives on the Dunraven and three night dives. So yet again we are awarding the diver of the month to a buddy team.
Congratulation Rachel and Paul. Elite Divers of the Month of November 2009

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