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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Disabled Diving in Sharm Red Sea

Zoe Seddon originates from Wandsworth, London but now resides in Salisbury, is one of the most determined divers we have ever come across.

Zoe was born handicapped due to cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia but she was determined that wouldn't get in her way for achieving PADI Diver status.

In 2008 she completed her class room and pool training in the UK then was recommended to complete her open water dives with Alun of Elite Diving in Sharm El Sheikh.

It wasn't easy for her as she hasn't the same use of her limbs as most people. There were times when she had to dig really deep (pardon the pun) but dig she did, and with the encouragement of her instructor and travelling companion Sue Rudge, she achieved her goal and qualified as a PADI SCUBA Diver.

This year saw Zoe return to the place of last years triumph, to enjoy diving the reefs in Sharm El Sheikh. She asked for a private guide as not to hold back the rest of the group.

She uses her arms mostly to pull her through the water, wearing special webbed mittens, but her guide needed to ask her to slow down. Sometime there's just no stopping her!!!

Zoe seen here giving a neck massage. Along with her Swedish massage qualification, Zoe is a painter. You can view her work on

She also enjoys reading and listening to music but we know another passion she has, enjoying few tipples of G&T.!!!!!!!

She is an example to us all. If you really want to do something, there's no such thing as can't do... just won't do.

Congratulations Zoe.

Elite Diver Of the Month. October 2009

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PADI Divemaster & Instructor Internships in Sharm El Sheikh.

Dive professional internships are getting very popular for young people on gap year and even the more mature person who is looking for a career change.

Over the years, we have had some very good candidates on our SCUBA professional training programmes.

We have had people enrol on the programme who were looking for a long term career change and also for an added string to their bow while travelling and picking up some part time work.

Most of our regular divers will remember Alec Jones (Obviously Welsh).

Alec had not long completed his marine biology degree when he decided he'd like to teach SCUBA. He came to Elite and completed is rescue, dive master, assistant instructor and finally ended up as PADI Instructor and stayed working with us for a year, putting his skills into good use.

He’s still asked after. He comes back on holiday to dive with us and can't stop himself looking for things to help out with.

Daisy has the biggest smile of all our Divemaster trainees. She completed her divemaster with us in Sharm and headed off touring Thailand picking up some work as she travelled around before she settled into her university degree in Leeds, where she is in her final year.

"G" Very popular with our divers. An absolute natural teacher and leader. G, did his Divemaster during the long Summer holiday while in the middle of his degree and often pops over to Sharm for some world class diving.

"Cerys" Tracey Jones. A born organiser and communicator. She's a people person and loved every bit of the PADI professional courses she did and took to it like a duck to water. Now an accomplished PADI SCUBA instructor.

Adrian Davies has been with us since August 09 is our most recent Intern, seen here between The Count & Alun, during celebrations for passing his Divemaster. He is now well into preparation for is Instructor exams in December 2009.


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