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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Private Boat Charter for small groups in Sharm El Sheikh

It's getting more popular for families and small groups to charter a private boat for that big occasion or special treat.

The Bradbury family from Macclesfield, Cheshire enjoy the peace and quiet of their own charter.

You can choose when you want to jump off and snorkel or dive with no-one else to worry about.

Peace and Quiet at the outer lagoon reefs.

Relaxing together as a family.

Golden moments in Sharm El Sheikh

The Bradbury's agreed that their private charter was one of their most memorable days ever.
Contact or look on for more info.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Young diving award winners diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Young Thomas Clements who is 11 years old, being presented with a certificate for diving whilst on his family holiday in Sharm El Sheikh. Harry took on three Introduction dives during his stay. Looking on is his 9 year old brother Harry.

Their parents are regular divers with elite diving and come to Sharm on a diving holiday without the boys. They also spend their family holidays here and try and get a few days diving in between but this year they couldn't keep the lads off the boat. Mam and Dad are not complaining!

Harry wasn't going to be out done and here you see him being presented with an award for snorkeler of the month.
Harry came to Sharm with his family for the first time last year and wasn't that confident around the water. This year started off the same and he wouldn't go in the water without a very bouyant life vest and someone within touching distance.

"What a difference a day makes" By the end of the holiday we couldn't stop him jumping off the boat from all angles without any aids, and he spent hours in the water snorkeling to spot and name all the fish he could see.

We are sure he will soon be joining his elder brother Thomas by doning SCUBA when he's old enough.


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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Family diving hoildays in Sharm El Sheikh

The Inkersol family from left to right.
Graham, Julie, Robin aged 13 and Sam aged 15.
Robin and Sam completed their open water course along with their cousin Tania with elite diving in Sharm El Sheikh in 2006 and since then Mam and Dad have followed in their footsteps not to miss out on all the fun.
This trip Sam completed his 100th dive and saw a hammerhead whilst doing it.
You can see Robin and Sam during their open water course and see how much they've grown by clicking on and click on about PADI Courses or go direct to


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