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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Elite Diving Plays Cupid

As unusual proposals and marriages increase, we at Elite diving have been involved in one way or another recently. Both the damsels in question are named Sharon.

First there was Sharon Goldring who's story is inspiring. She was petrified of water. She even couldn't put her face under the shower in the safety of her own bathroom. Her boyfriend Chris Dow loved his diving and Sharon always accompanied him on his diving trips to Sharm.

After being encouraged to give it a try she eventually built up the courage to take a look at what Chris was raving about underwater. She donned a mask and snorkel and steped into the water down the steps of a boat and gripping on to my hand until she stopped the flow of blood to my fingers. After a while of standing on the steps with just the glass of her mask touching the water she eventually relaxed and built up the confidence to put her face in the water to get a better look. From then on there was no looking back and when she got home to Blighty she started looking to book another holiday to come back to Sharm to do her Open Water Course.

She found it difficult and didn't benefit from booking the course with one of the big corporate dive centers with a large amount of students on the course so she failed to complete it. It was by chance that she spoke to a few of Elite divers guests who told them that I had now started a dive company on my own. She got in contact and managed to complete the open water course with a bit of encouragement and patience that you get from one to one instruction.

Sharon being a modern woman, proposed to Chris and he agreed but insisted on getting married underwater. She agreed and contacted Elite diving to try and arrange this in Sharm. Unfortunately this is not possible here yet so they decided on the Carribean.

Donning a full face mask so they could take their vows underwater. They finally emerged from the depths as man and wife. An amazing achievement considering she couldn't put her face under the shower at one time. Keep blowing bubbles.

A big difference to just walking down the isle.

Then there's Jon and Sharon

More recently we had Jon Fuller taking us one side after checking in at the dive centre and asking us for our help as he wanted to pop the question to his Sharon Pugh underwater. Jon had prepared some laminated cards with a series of sentences. Everything was set. At the end of their first checkout dive. We found a flat sandy bottom and the whole group knelt down on the sand around the couple. Sharon didn't have a clue what was going on until Jon drew out his cards and started peeling them back one by one in front of her eyes. 1st card "I have a something to ask you" 2nd card"Angel I Love you" 3rd "I'm down on one knee." 4th "Will you marry me".

Well! You should have seen the bubbles coming from Sharon as she nodded her head profusely. As it was all pre planned, we had a camera on hand to capture the moment. Even the deep wet kiss! There wasn't a dry mask in the group.

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